Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below our Frequently Asked Questions. If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for please contact us.

Are you one of the top consulting firms?

We can of course help and advise, but we are also very much “hands on” members of your team when we are working with you. This is what sets us apart from traditional ISO 9001 consultants and other business consultancy services.

What is Management Contracting / Retained Management Service?

We can provide flexible, bespoke contract support tailored to your exact business requirements.  From a few days a week to just a couple of days a month, we can deliver whatever level and type of assistance is appropriate for your needs.

I need help working with my Customers / Suppliers, what about confidentiality?

We are governed by a strict code of conduct – you will find our values under the About Us tab.  As a further assurance, every new contract includes a confidentiality agreement.

How flexible are you?

Very.  This our speciality. Through regular contract reviews, we will discuss and agree the exact level and type of support you need for the next period.  This means you won’t have to find wasteful “fill in” work as with some traditional fixed term contracts.

What type of support can you provide?

Broadly speaking, everything listed under our Services tab.  However, if you require help with something not on the list, please contact us and if we can help, we will.

How much will it cost?

After a free initial meeting to discuss your exact requirements and how we can best assist, you will receive a written quotation. Charges are made on a simple hourly rate (no retention fees) and our minimal overheads mean these are extremely competitive.  Also, as you also only pay for the number of days you need, we provide excellent value for money.  Contact us if you would like to discuss typical costs for specific services.

What if I need help with a project before switching to a retained service?

Under our Services – Assignments and Bespoke Projects tab, you will find examples of project support we can offer.  Quality and Environmental Management Systems projects include updates to existing systems, through to full QMS / EMS implementation and certification via a UKAS accredited certification body for example


For further information, please contact us.

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