Why Choose Us?

Cost effective

Need additional resources, but don’t have the budget? By working with you to determine the precise level of support you require, we can provide the flexible, relevant level of assistance on a range of services tailored to your business. Charging only for the level of support needed means we can deliver professional services, for a fraction of the cost of a fixed term contractor, interim manager, or full time permanent specialist.


A Specialist on your team

Successful businesses do not stand still.  As your business needs change, resources can be stretched and inevitably, tasks prioritised.  Sometimes the adverse effects are not evident immediately, but they can be severe and long lasting.  By utilising our specialist skills you can not only plug the gaps, but also make serious improvements along the way.

The importance of Professional Expertise

Whether developing a key supplier, liaising with your independent certification body or spending time with your customer on New Product Introduction, we are one of your team. We understand that when we are working for you, we are also representing you and that utmost professionalism is paramount.  This is why we always adhere to our core values and ensure that every client’s contract is reviewed for conflict of interest before being undertaken.

Support when you need it

We recognise that not all assignments require support five days a week, every week. By working with you before the start of the contract to determine the exact level of resource you need, we deliver services tailored to you precise requirements.  If you need two days a week or just a few days a month, that is what we provide and that is what you pay for.

We are Flexible

Businesses are dynamic, we understand that.  If you need less support next month, with our built in regular contract reviews, we can flex our services to suit.  If more assistance is required, we will work with you to understand and deliver the level of resource you need to succeed.


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